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Vertical Landscaping

February 8, 2011

One of the hottest new trends in Interiorscaping is green walls. Green walls are a great way to add live plants your location without taking up floor space. They have a huge impact visually and tend to be a very unique conversation piece. They can significantly reduce noise problems and help add that much needed oxygen and humidity that we all crave this time of year. You can grow a wide variety of plants that create different textures and colors. There are several different types of walls, from standard floor standing sizes to build to fit custom frames. Other green walls use foam instead of soil. They really are a great addition to interior environments. Here are a few things that need to be considered when you are looking to install a green wall.

1.    Where is the light originating? Plants grow to the light source and green walls tend to be immobile. If the light is originating from a single angle the plants will grow to the light. Normally these plants would be rotated for even growth but that is not possible with a green wall since they are directly planted into the wall. That doesn’t mean you need to scrap your green wall location. You just may need to consider adding some supplemental light from a different location to promote even growth.

2.    Is there a water source and drain nearby? Green walls are generally (but not always) plumbed directly into the water line. These setups require the lowest regular maintenance. Green walls can be installed without direct plumbing but they will require you to haul in water on a regular basis to make sure the basin is full.

3.    Is there electrical power nearby? Most of the timers for green walls use electricity. A timer is used to make sure the wall is watered on a regular schedule for a set amount of time. You can use battery operated timers but there is less variety and you have to make sure they don’t run out of battery power.


There are many other design decisions that need to be made when deciding on a type of green wall and the style of the plant material. We have two display models in our greenhouse currently. Please come in and visit for additional information and inspiration!


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