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The Latest Trends in House Plants

June 13, 2012

That’s right! There are hot trends in house plants just like there are in clothes, shoes, and home furnishings. Think back to the types of plants your mother used to grow: African violets, spider plants, dieffenbachias, and pothos with long, long vines. Remember those terracotta pots, wicker baskets, and macramé hangers? That was the house plant fashion in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s – comfortable and laid back, with a very ‘tropical’ look.


Nowadays many people are looking for plants that complement the more modern lines of their interior spaces. They want bold colors and textures that don’t necessarily look like they originate in a jungle. They want the interiorscape to complement their exterior landscaping. Listed below are some of the most popular interiorscape ‘looks’ we are asked for at Green Connection, straight off the plant fashion runway.


  • Bright colors – Plants with vibrant splashes of lime, hot pink, or red are in high demand. They are easier to care for than flowering plants but with just as much color, and definitely light up any room they are in. The new pink and red aglaonemas in particular are in high demand.


  • The ‘Statement’ plant – Gone are the days when people preferred every windowsill to be lined with a plethora of small cuttings and seedlings. Nowadays our clients tend to prefer one or two large plants to compliment a room. Less clutter, and more wow! Some good statement plants include the natal mahogany, kentia palm, or ficus ‘Amstel King.’


  • Textural variety – Time was that most plants available all tended to look similar: big green leaves. Today’s diverse fashion tastes require a larger palate, and the plant industry has responded accordingly. You can go zen with a Ming aralia or Japanese fatsia, get a more temperate forest look with Norfolk Island or Weeping Buddhist pines, or emphasize interesting architectural lines with a Snake plant, ZZ plant, or Dracaena marginata. There’s a plant to match every interior style.


These are just a few of the options that are in high demand at Green Connection. Feel free to stop by our greenhouse to check it all out, or get a professional design to match your interior. House plants don’t have to remind you of Grandma’s house anymore; they are a stylish addition to any setting.


Next Month – New Container Styles and Options!

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