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Spooky Plants for Halloween Fun

October 4, 2014


Looking for something living to add to this year's indoor Halloween display? Try some house plants! There are many different kinds that can add just the right amount of color, texture, or weirdness to your Halloween decor. 


Need to add color? Check these plants out:


- Croton - bright orange and yellow foliage


- False aralia - leaves that are spidery and almost black in color.


- Bromeliad - they come in all sorts of colors including orange, yellow, purple, and red. They can also look very unusual. The Star Trek tv series would regularly feature bromeliads among the foliage of alien planets.


- Gynura - this bright purple fuzzy vine looks great creeping through a Halloween tablescape.


- Philodendron - there are several philodendrons that have festive holiday colors. The hulking 'Rojo Congo' has deep red-green leaves, while the more petite 'Prince of Orange' is as orange as the name indicates.


Looking for plants with creepy names?


- Medusa Dracaena - the plant is actually quite pretty and won't turn you to stone, but the thin, spidery foliage would also work well in a spooky setting.


- Snake Plant - this is an old favorite that is currently favored for contemporary settings because of its architectural leaves. The spikiness of the leaves are reminiscent of swords, perfect for a Halloween backdrop. They can also come in several colors including a ghostly pale green to a green so deep it's almost black.


- Devil's Ivy - also known as pothos, this plant is usually not considered very spooky. It has a dark side, however! Watch the movie Jumanji, and the sadistic jungle vines in that flick will show you just how creepy this plant can be. In addition, it is available in a bright lime green that goes great with traditional autumn reds, yellows, and oranges.


- Spider Plant - this plant gets its creepy name from the clusters of baby 'spiders' that shoot out from the base on long tendrils.


And here are some plants that are just plain creepy:


- Spanish Moss - this is the ultimate plant to up the level of spookiness in your Halloween display! You can hang clumps and tendrils of this moss-like plant in other plants, chandeliers, in doorways, etc. Try using it as a filler in centerpieces or on a table scape. It requires no soil, only the occasional misting to keep it alive. 


Carnivorous Plants - these wicked little plants need to consume flesh to live! Fortunately for us, they are content with a few small insects, unlike Audrey II in Little Shop of HorrorsThere are many types of carnivorous plants available, such as Venus fly traps and pitcher plants. 


Hindu Rope - also known as Hoya compacta, this is a plant known for its weird, contorted leaves. It's a great texture if you want something that is both gnarled and vining.


Air Plants - a close cousin of the Pineapple plant, these soil-less wonders are extremely popular right now. With leaves ranging from wispy to spikey, these guys are great to add to terrariums and centerpieces for an instant touch of spidery texture. And since some varieties are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, they make great Halloween party favors!


There are countless ways to use plants in your holiday decorating, and the best part is that they will live on long after your party is over and the displays have been put away for another year. Have fun designing this autumn; we are wishing you a safe and festive Halloween!


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