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Wishing You Joy And Peace (Lily)

December 21, 2015


Today is the winter solstice, the shortest amount of day light we get all year. What do you do to lighten up the long, dark winter days? Aside from the special lights you can buy, eating comfort food, and taking a vacation to somewhere with more sunlight, plants are a great way to bring some extra life into your home. Plants are peaceful, pleasing to the eye, and they even clean the air. One of my favorite plants around this time of year is the Peace Lily. The Peace Lily has rich, dark green leaves, and shoots up beautiful white flowers that can last up to a few months at a time. If you needed another reason to like it, it is so easy to take care of! The plants could probably get an acting degree, we like to call them the drama plant. The leaves droop to the floor, playing dead, when they need a drink, and then are magically alive again when you tend to their needs. They know what they want, and they make sure you know too! 

Here's a few fun facts and tips to keep the plant happy:

The scientific name of the Peace Lily is "Spathiphyllum."

It is native to Central and South America, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea.

They prefer low to medium light, and cannot tolerate direct sunlight, as it can bleach their leaves. 

If they are in low light, water only when the soil begins to get dry to the touch. In medium light, they will drink a little more, and can be kept slightly moist. 

Remove flowers at the stem once they being to droop and fade. This will help the plant send out new shoots, and keep your plant looking healthy. 

You can fertilize in the spring to promote blooming. 


Happy Growing! 

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