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They Grow up so Fast

April 4, 2017


The geranium plugs that came in February are already trying to become full blown adults. They are strong and healthy with good color. There are many reasons for their successful growth and one of which is air flow.


Let’s talk about air circulation. Oh yes we all love some good air circulation. That includes the plants you have started in your garage, basement, or living room. They need some air circulation too.


Air circulation reduces the chances of disease. Disease loves stagnant air. Fungus can’t wait to get it’s grimy little spores all over plants but by disturbing them with air flow and keeping things nice and dry it really makes it hard for them to take off and feast.


Now keep in mind they don't want hurricane winds blowing full force at them. My preference are the cheap osculating fans you can find at Costco. It's a good amount of wind. 


Another one of the many reasons to have fans and good air flow is because in the end when you have to make a choice to be stuck on an island with a tall, skinny person or short, buff person. You’re probably going to want the short, buff one. Their chances of surviving against the elements are probably going to be greater than the string beans. You want to stick with the one that can help you out by fending off ferocious monkeys.


When you simulate wind it tells the cell walls in the plant that they need to be thicker, then they won’t grow so big but they will stay small and compact. It’s kind of like tough love, you need to expose them to these things early so they can handle it when it is time to go outside.

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