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April 4, 2017

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April 4, 2017





That was just a bad metaphor, we’re not actually allowed to slap anyone around here. I do want to take some time to dedicate the opening paragraph of this news letter to the great month of March. Personally March is one of my favorite months. It is my 8th favorite month to be exact, following April, May, June, July, August, September, and October. It is just so much brighter, thank you March!


Last newsletter we mentioned that we were looking into offering a new service involving seasonal staging for interior plants. I wanted to touch a little bit more on that because it’s kind of a neat idea that we are just tossing around.


I’m going to back up just a bit and explain our existing interior plant service first, just so everyone knows what we do already. We offer interior plant maintenance, this means that a plant technician has a route and goes to numerous customers a week to clean, stage, water, fertilize, and diagnose plant diseases and or pests. We take care of plants in office settings all the way to personal plants for people who don’t quite have the touch to take care of their green beloveds.


That being said a big part of the service is staging. This is where we add Styrofoam and moss to the plant/container ensemble, adding the finishing touch.


Now that you’ve listened to all that, I’ll finally get to the good stuff and explain our thoughts on this potential seasonal staging service.


It was a chilly February morning and Monica and I were standing around these plants I had staged with different greenery rather than the same old moss around the base of the plant. The week before during a meeting we were discussing alternative ways of staging, by removing moss and adding something different for a new and fresh approach.


The big hold up was the wintry vibe the juniper berries and small pine cones were giving the whole look. It was throwing the whole thing off, it just wasn’t going to work for a year round look. Ohhhh but how about a seasonal look? And you can see where the gears started turning.


What if we offered a seasonal look to the plants we maintain? Changing things up from autumn colors to winter berries to spring blossoms to summer grass. The variations to all of the seasonal aspects we could add would be endless!


We would create a scheduled rotation changing the staging with the seasons. Changing things up for, those who look at the plants every day, visitors or customers, and the technicians.


I think it is safe to say we are excited about this idea that can add a creative touch to places such as waiting rooms, lobby’s, and other inside settings. This would be something to help those obligated to be inside connect to the outside.


That’s what is new over here. We are working away at this idea, making tweaks here and there to the details before being able to offer such a thing. If you think this is the best idea you have ever heard and can’t contain your enthusiasm, you are welcome to send back input. We would be thrilled to hear thoughts about this!













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