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Spring and Summer Weather Is Here!!! Time for Container Gardens!!!

June 26, 2017

             The first hint of nice weather and I am getting ready to plan my garden. I try to use every space of my property to make an attractive and cost effective garden that can extend our living space in these warm months. This is especially important in our Alaskan Climate. Here are some of my tips for a great Alaskan garden this year. I first try to find containers to plant in. It's alright to use recycled materials and planters from thrift stores or just use random stuff from around the house. Sometimes using recycled materials can be art in its own way. It really can add a bit of creativity that is rarely seen in these parts. Plus it can turn the eyesores that you have around the house into something interesting.  There is no reason to not to make your home a work of art. 

            This year I decided to make a garden nook along my house using a old sink counter top.  The counter top was something my husband salvaged for a cabin we are building, but we won't be using it for sometime. I really was just sick of seeing it leaning up against my house.  The area I am using in my yard is pretty shady area under a large tree along the side of the house.  The shady nature of this area made me decide to try to make a container garden with moss on the counter top.  I used a bunch of random containers and planters that I found at my house.  I selected plants the liked shade and indirect sun for the areas of the counter top that don't receive much sunlight.

             First, we built  a base for the counter top using two old pallets stacked and four cinder blocks.  After placing our counter top,  we began decorating that top with random containers that we had planted Irish moss, petunias, geranium, some lobelia, and a small variety of vegetables in.  We decided to do some direct planting next to the counter top to fill in the space.  We also added a hanging vase  and I sign made from scrap wood around the house. You can see the finished project below.  The project  took us approximately two hours.

             Remember, when trying to create your own project, everyone is going to have different things to use from around their homes. I usually try to collect the things I am going to use and choose the space first.  From there, I try to figure out how I am going to configure the items, what kind of light I have, what other items I will need, and then I go to see what plants are available at my local nursery.





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